About Us

The Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Association (WS&DSA) was started in 1945 to create a community between the Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs and Jail Officers in Wisconsin with the shared goal of promoting better public welfare.

The association continues to work to facilitate law enforcement, prevent crime, apprehend criminals and protect life and property of the citizens of Wisconsin. WS&DSA strives to provide information and education material to law enforcement officers and organizations.

The association takes pride in promoting benevolence and charity among the people by supporting the educations of future law enforcement students through scholarships.

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Wisconsin Law Enforcement Directory
(Sheriff, Police, and DAs)

Provided by WisDOJ

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The Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Association promotes the general public welfare through the cooperation of the different Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs in the State of Wisconsin in the performance of their duties.

The Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Association is a professionally oriented association. We are dedicated to serving the officers of sheriff and its deputies/jail officers through planning and organizing various training events and conferences for its members throughout the year.

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The Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association annual scholarship award program was developed to offer financial assistance to full-time students enrolled in Criminal Justice programs at any Wisconsin college or university. Its purpose is to encourage educational growth and professionalism among police officers and deputy sheriffs in the State of Wisconsin.

Seven $500 scholarships will be awarded and winners will be selected on a competitive basis. Any Wisconsin state resident that is enrolling in a Wisconsin college, and has a course of study leading to a degree in law enforcement, isĀ eligible.

The District Director of this association selects scholarship recipients. All decisions made by the Director are final.

The recipient must submit proof of his/her enrollment at an accredited college/university. Awards are not retroactive and may not be credited to semesters already completed. Recipient must be enrolled in the fall semester of of this year. After the student has submitted proof of enrollment, a check for the scholarship award will be given directly to the scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Rules

  1. Application must comply with the admission requirement for a full-time student in a Criminal Justice program at a college or university in the State of Wisconsin.
  2. To Apply:
    • Fill out and submit the attached Scholarship Application in its entirety.
    • Enclose three letters of recommendation from three separate sources, which may include family members, school, neighbor, clergy, employer, civic organization, law enforcement, etc.
    • Enclose a transcript of high school grades and/or college transcript of grades.
    • Relatives of employees of a law enforcement agency are encouraged to apply.
    • Enclose a recent photo for use in the WS&DSA magazine.
    • Failure to comply with instructions will result in ineligibility.
    • Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than March 6.
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