Communicating with our Members – legislative news

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My name is David Graves.  I am the new Executive Director for Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs.  I am also the chairperson for your legislative committee.

The week of 09-21-15 was a busy week in Madison.  On Wednesday, 09-23-15, I, along with Charlotte Nenning (the widow of the late Lt. LeRoy Nenning of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office) testified in front of the Senate Committee on Elections and Local Government in support of Senate Bill 192.  The bill requires a municipality or a county that pays health insurance premuims for its employees who are law enforcement officers or emergency medical technicians t(EMTS) to pay such premuims for the surviving spouse and certain children of a law enforcement officer or EMT who dies, or has died in the line of duty.  The firefighters in Wisconsin already have this benefit.  Their representatives also testified in favor of the bill.  I have to tell you that Charlotte Nenning’s testimony was moving and very powerful.  Lt. Nenning was killed in the line of duty on August 15, 2004.  I would urge every member to call their local representative and encourage them to move and pass this bill.  This bill supports those who support us.  The bill was authored by Racine Senator Wanggarrd who is a former Racine police officer.  Thank you Senator!

On Thursday of 09-24-15, I , along with R.J. Pirlot of the Hamilton Group met with Mike Austin, Government Affairs Director for the Department of Justice.  We met with Mike to discuss several pending bills.  Mike periodically touches base with the WSDSA to see if we are aware of what bills are out there and how we feel about them.  It’s a great relationship.

The WSDSA is in partnership on legislative matters with the Badger State Sheriff’s Association.  Sheriff Kim Gaffney is the chairperson of their committee.  Togther, we co-chair a joint legislative committee.  Earlier this year Kim and I testified in favor of AB9.  AB9 (now passed into law) allows off duty and retired law enforcement to carry their weapons on school grounds.  The joint committee is a “one stop shop” for legislators and has been very effective.

Look to this site for future news as it happens in the WSDSA.  If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call, 715-723-7173.

David Graves, Executive Director